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Our Products

To place an order or for more information, please email us at
Colored Eggs


Fresh, delicious eggs from our free range laying hens! Bright, tall yolks and assorted shell colors.  $4/dozen.


Cornish cross broiler chickens, raised out on pasture, rotated daily.   Avg. 5 lbs.  $3.50/lb


Slow grown heritage breed crosses with custom processing. Whole and half options. $2.25/lb hanging weight.

Fresh Runner Beans

Cow's Milk

Raw milk, pure and delicious, from our beloved dairy cows.  Available daily for on-farm pickup! $6/gallon.


Limited produce and flowers based on the season.  Follow our newsletter or Facebook for current options.  All raised from our home gardens, no chemicals or pesticides.  

Baked Goods

Cupcakes, granola, biscuits and more with limited seasonal availability.   Follow our newsletter or Facebook for current options!

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